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Christmas w_Tree & Fireplace.jpg


The holiday season presents wonderful opportunities to decorate and create a welcoming energy to your home.

FB Grand Living Room w_Fireplace.jpg

A Cozy Fireplace

Fireplaces add charm to any room. Simple additions of botanicals, candles, vases and seasonal accents create an ambience befitting the season.

Christmas Dinner Tablescape (1).jpg

A Festive Holiday Tablescape

Tableware, Chargers, Flatware, Stemware, Candles and Linens come together to create a lovely festive tablescape.

Framed Thanksgiving Table w_Lanterns.jpg

A Casual, Comtemporary Table

Simple decorative touches such as lanterns and gourds make an everyday table festive and inviting.

Christmas Centerpiece w_Tree in Background.jpg

holiday sparkle

The Christmas Season is always a creative and enjoyable time to add decor and decoration to your home. Let Enriching Your Home create some special holiday magic for you.


Living Room Grouping with Colorful Accents

White Mimalist Living Room.jpg

beautiful winter white

This beautiful living room is a wonderful example of elegant minimalism.

A  Collection of Decor/Accent Pieces


Here are examples of some of the decor/accent pieces which can be incorporated into your decor vision and project.


Wreaths and Swags

Wreaths and swags are an easy , simple way to enhance any home decor.  Wreaths and swags can be purchased in every price range, already made or custom designed.  They are available for any color palette, season or holiday. It is easy to change them out as the seasons change.


Hurricanes and Lanterns

Hurricanes and Lanterns are very versatile decor pieces.  Both come in a variety of styles and sizes, and are easily changed by using different fillers and candles.  They are a great basic decor piece with so many affordable choices.   The Hurricanes pictured have different types of seashells as fillers for Summer.



Candles, both traditional or Realistic Flame Effect Candles (battery operated, can be set on timer or used with remote control) are a great way to set a mood, create an ambience or add to other decor pieces.  Candles come in a wide array of colors and sizes, and are easily affordable.


Vases & Arrangements

Vases, aside from be a holder for florals, greenery or botanicals, also make a design statement.  Vases are another readily available decor item, in many styles, shapes and sizes.  Arrangements can be high quality realistic permanent ones or fresh.